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Are you really still using Windows XP?

On April 8, 2014 Microsoft officially ended support for Windows XP. That is nearly 13 years after it originally went on sale, on October 25, 2001. A lot of new technology has come out over the last 13 years; computers and computer hardware have advanced a great deal. So if you are still running Windows XP you are likely not taking advantage of the many (hardware and software ) improvements and innovations from the past decade. More importantly, since official support ended, Microsoft has stopped releasing security and other critical updates for Windows XP, placing you and your business at risk from all types of computer malware going around the the Internet.

If you are really still using Windows XP, the question is WHY?

Since Windows XP Microsoft has had a few bumps; Windows Vista and Windows 8 for example. Nobody would argue that these were less than perfect upgrades. However, Windows 7 and the soon to be released Windows 10 are clean, modern platforms that can take advances of the many improvements in technology made over the past decade. In many cases, new software purchased today needs these advancements and require a newer version of Windows.

So if you are still using Windows XP do yourself and your business a favor, upgrade. Advances in technology can lead to improved business productivity and profits. We all want that.

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  1. Michael Kukol says

    Why still using XP?
    Some programs we use only function on XP.
    Upgrading even to windows 7 lost some functionality so we keep 2 desktops here on XP for when certain reports need to be run.
    Otherwise Windows 7 is great and we look forward to the free upgrade to Windows 10 later in the year.

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