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Is Windows XP being sabotaged?

Microsoft is taking extraordinary steps to convince people to upgrade away from its most successfull operating system to date, to Windows 7. In my experience, Windows 7 is a fantastic upgrade and performs far better than Windows XP on the same hardware. The features and reliability improvements are truly worth the cost of admission. But how far is Microsoft willing to go to “convince” people to upgrade? Are they sabotaging XP?

I still have a few Windows XP machines, some dedicated to specific applications and others kept around to help with client compatibility testing. These machines have been working fine for years, but for some reason they seem to be slowing down. Aside from regular Microsoft critical and security upgdates, I haven’t made any changes to these machines. For some reason however, they seem to be slowing down. I originally thought that my shiny new Windows 7 machines were spoiling me so I started to time things and keep track. Over the past 6 months, I am seeing my Windows XP machines perform worse than before, again with no changes other than Microsoft updates.

So I ask the question again, Is Windows XP being sabotaged?
What do you think?

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  1. Ben Smith says

    My XP machine, and my mom’s, both got bsod (“irql not less than or equal”) hers recovered and mine won.t Seems to go away after I revert to before there was an auto update from windows

  2. Gemma Jones says

    I had to turn off microsoft updates towards the end of last year, because after a particularly large batch around October, my XP PC just completely conked out! Wouldn’t start at all! I have never been a person for downloading all and everything and I have always been paranoid about viruses. I meticulously update my firewall and virus checker and I kept my browser as secure as possible, without actually making it impossible to use. Anyway, I tried everything to get my PC to start after installing these updates, but nothing worked. Luckily I had a disk image I’d made around six months previous to this incident and a recovery disk, so was able to start the PC with that. (I have never had to resort to this in all my considerable years of using a computer! Right back to Windows 95 and the old DOS system before that!) Because I have always regularly backed up all my data to a portable hard disk, I didn’t lose much stuff, but this experience made me turn off the Micrososoft updates altogether. ‘Touch Wood’ I haven’t had any trouble since. Thinking back, It has usually been these updates that have been the cause of most problems I have had with my computers, but never so bad that any of them wouldn’t start! I have read various ‘Conspiracy Theories’ about Microsoft deliberately sabotaging XP machines with their updates, but surely not a company so world-renowned? It HAS made me wonder though. They do seem determined to force people to buy their awful ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Windows 8 – re-vamped from phones to computer OS! I hate it! It’s fine for phones and folkls who want to ‘Play’ and use social media all the time, but for actual work, it is dreadful! You can’t get into anything; it’s all hidden. No apparent hiarcharchy of files, etc. etc. I could go on and on! I now have a little second-hand netbook running Windows 7, mainly for the Internet and e-mail in case of emergencies, but until Microsoft pull their finger out and give us a decent operating system, I’m sticking with XP for all my work.

  3. Paul says

    I have 14 computers on XP at my buisness, and we have all of a sudden had issues with 3 will not boot up, and others are slowing down…..i truely belive there is sabotage going on with xp.

  4. Gale says

    of course! they stand to sell 100 million new operating systems! The loyal XP customers should “upgrade” all the way to APPLE!

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