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iOS or Android?

As a technology professional I do my best to stay vendor agnostic, understanding that technology is often a very emotional experience to professionals and individuals. Each person might find different value in functionality and features that others might not agree with. Nevertheless, I am often asked for my “opinion” and recommendation; tablets are no exception.

My first tablet was an iPad 2, a remarkable device to this very day even though it has been upgraded three times (by Apple) since I purchased it. My second tablet was a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro, a shiny new device that I have had for about three months now and barely use for anything other than watching video.

I was originally attracted to the Galaxy Tab Pro by the Multi-user / Multi-window support, something I thought I needed and wanted. After three months I have never created a second user account on the device and have only used the Multi-window feature about a half dozen times. This is not surprising to me since both devices are for business use by one user, me.

The Samsung has a brilliant display, compared to my iPad 2 which is pre-retina display. The performance of the two is nearly identical, as is the price once you get all of the needed accessories. Unfortunately this is where the Samsung drops off my radar! I am comparing an iPad 2 to a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro! Shouldn’t I be “wow’ed”?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro touchscreen is awful! I have to slow my typing down to less than 300 baud to get any degree of accuracy. The WiFi on the Samsung regularly drops the network connection, even when I can see the access point and the battery lasts a fourth of the time of my iPad 2 (probably due to the iPad Smart Cover, which the Samsung does not offer).

The App support on the Android platform lives up to the negative hype of the platform fragmentation that you read about in the news. Not all tablet apps work on the Samsung and very few phone apps work on the tablet. When I first got the Samsung I put it next to the iPad and tried to download the complete set of comparable apps that I had on iOS for the Android device. After three months I am still coming up very short!

If you have never used an iOS device you will probably love the Android platform, but if you are like me and started with iOS, you may be very disappointed! I can’t wait for the next iPad Air to come out.

Let me know what you think.

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