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Avoid unnecessary risk to your business – Upgrade from Windows XP

“On April 8, Microsoft is ending all support for Windows XP, 12 years after its debut and seven years after its first successor, Windows Vista, debuted. Still, nearly a third of PC users continue to run XP.”

Why would you want to stay with a 12 year old operating system? Upgrading can improve performance, productivity and keep you safe with the latest critical and security updates from Microsoft.

“Look, let’s be honest. You should upgrade from Windows XP right now if at all possible–but not everyone can cut the XP cord so completely. If you can’t upgrade, there are some things you can do to protect yourself. Make no mistake: These tricks are like sticking your finger in a leaking dam. They’ll help a bit, but the dam is crumbling and it’s time to get out of the way.”

Read me here: “How to Keep Your PC Secure When Microsoft Ends Windows XP Support

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