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Is Windows staying in your future?

If you are still tethered to your Desktop computer, you are likely using Microsoft Windows; XP or Windows 7. Perhaps your primary computer is a MAC; although there is still one application that you need to use on a Windows computer?

It’s not hard to believe that Windows XP is still being used by vast majority of Windows users in business. While more than 10 years old, it is tried and true, reliable, predictable and stable. If you happened to jump to Vista, you may have retreated back to XP rather than wait and leap forward to Windows 7. Vista was BAD!

If you did try Windows 7, you were probably pleasantly surprised by how good it was. It was mostly familiar, yet had enough new features and functionality to make the jump forward worth it (and mostly painless), unlike Vista.

Unfortunately, Microsoft is reading another version, Windows 8 which promises to be another game changer and possibly another Vista.

Windows 8 is intended to be “the” version of Windows that will work on a Desktop, Tablet and look very similar to a Windows Phone. Say goodbye to the “Start” menu and many other familiar aspects of the desktop. The “Metro” interface is Microsoft’s attempt to bring all platforms together, whether you have a keyboard, touch screen or mobile phone. Are you ready for that?

Check out the “Release Preview” or wait until October 26th and you be the judge. Will you continue to open Windows? or will you be learning to embrace the most current “Lion” in the Apple family.

What do you think?

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