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What is a Small Business IT Consultant?

Starting and growing a small business is no easy task. Even having the best business plan does not guarantee success. It requires (at a minimum) a balance of talent and resources, with the right level of expertise in a wide variety of disciplines. Small business owners (and employees) must remain focused on their product or service, acquiring and satisfying clients, and generating revenue and profits. To help round out their team, small business owners might enlist the help of a business coach, attorney, accountant and marketing specialist, and others. What is surprising however is that it is estimated that more than 50% of small businesses today perform their own technology planning, implementation and support; done by either the owner themselves or some other person in the office as a part time job. This is time taken away from servicing clients, the business and making money. Furthermore, the IT solutions they will have are likely to be no better than the knowledge of someone who is not versed or trained in technology. Is this a cost effective or strategic approach for success? Probably not.

A Small Business IT Consultant is someone who will work with you, the business owner (or other senior executive of your firm), understand how the business operates and makes money, creating and executing a business technology strategy for success. This should include a variety of options that will enable the company to grow, improve efficiency and productivity, save and make (more) money. Essentially being successful!

While there are a number of highly skilled technology service providers who will support your small business, you will want to find one that is more than an “order taker”; performing the specific implementation and (“break-fix”) support tasks that you design. This is again a scenario that will yield you a solution only as good as your technical knowledge. This is where an IT consultant will work with you, help you and add value.

As a small business owner, you have enough things on your plate to worry about. Technology should not be one of them. Find a Small Business IT Consultant who will be your partner for success.

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