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Essential Office Technology for Pennies a Day

Is your business email branded to your domain, “” or does it end in “”, “”, “” or something else? When your email is sitting in the Inbox of a client or vendor, do you want them to think of your business or the phone / cable company?

Are you able to easily share documents and collaborate with people inside and outside your organization? Is web conferencing something that can help improve productivity, save time and money across your business? Would instant messaging be valuable within your business, helping your employees communicate faster and more effectively with eachother?

If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, the Microsoft Online Services may be able to help you.

Microsoft Online Services offers a solution for all four of these essential business needs, with NO onsite server required, and the ability to access your information from virtually any web enabled device. Email (Exchange), Collaboration (Sharepoint), Web Conferencing (Livemeeting) and Instant Messaging (Office Communication) are all available individually or as a suite for a low monthly subscription fee.

For more information or help getting started visit our website: or give us a call 201-370-6430.

Jefric Consulting – We want to help you value technology as a strategic asset, rather than an ongoing expense.

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