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Are You Building Your Plan for 2010?

This hands on interactive event is taught by experts in their fields in ways you can immediately use in your 2010 plans.

It brings together the key components of your operations in a way that will leave you feeling more optimistic, confident and energized with the know-how to turn your business into the rewarding, efficient and profitable enterprise that you’ve always dreamed about.

Marketing Campaign Plan
* 6 Misinterpretations About Marketing
* The 4 Things Every Prospect Wants
* Creating an Effective Marketing Campaign
* Quick SEO Tools You Can Use Today

Social Networking Strategy
* Building Basics: Learn the Fundamentals
* Create Social Media Strategies That Work
* Extend Your Brand and Message
* Fabulous ROI through Social Media

Technology Roadmap
* Evaluating Your Office Technology
* Increasing Staff Effectiveness
* Platform, Tools and Applications
* Creating a Business/Technology Strategy

Where: Red Cross, 209 Fairfield Road, Fairfield, NJ
Date: December 1st, 8AM to 10AM

Registration starts at 7:30AM
$15 through November 17 ($25 AFTER)

For more information visit:

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