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Is Cloud Computing cheaper?

In the area of technology, Total Cost Of Ownership (TCOA) is one of the many things driving people to consider Cloud Computing as a way to lower costs and save money. Purchasing a $500 computer may seem like a bargain, but add to that software, the time to set it up and configure it, the electricity to power it, space to keep it, the air conditioning to cool it, future maintenance, upgrades, support, etc and you can easily pay multiples of that in very little time.

While Cloud Computing removes many of these “hidden costs”, typically not accounted for in the TCOA calculation, it is not without some of its own. Different pricing models for Cloud Computing are making it difficult to create a side by side comparison.

See more at: “Calculating the real costs of cloud computing

Read the fine print, make sure you are comparing “apples to apples”, and don’t get your head lost in the Clouds.

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