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Business communication – are we really getting more efficient?

Did you know that:

  • The average information worker gets 51 messages a day in up to 7 different places
  • > 60% of Business phone calls go to Voicemail
  • 67% of Business IM sessions transition to a phone call
  • 50% of the calls workers make, they have to look up the phone number
  • (Source: Microsoft, April 2009)

    All of this in the 133 years since Alexander Graham Bell made his first phone call. (Elisha Gray apparently invented the telephone, but Bell beat him to the patent).

    If you are one of the many businesses struggling with the ever increasing communications and messaging challenge, you probably want to do something about it. Reduce the number of choices, and make use of some new technologies and solutions that import, connect and consolidate the various services together and reduce the confusion.

    Have you encountered this in your company? Post your experience here.

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