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What value do you place on technology?

Technology is everywhere in the business world today and it is only going to increase. The average office technology toolkit contains, at a minimum one or more computers, a fax machine, copier, mobile phone, PDA or other type of Smartphone and more. Everywhere you look, coffee shops, trains, libraries, etc. you see people feverishly two finger typing into a portable device. Could you imagine running a small business without these basic tools? Could your business survive without them? In the modern day world, the answer is most likely a resounding NO. This is not surprising, but what is surprising is when you ask many business owners to quantify their technology budget you hear silence. The same executives or office managers can typically tell you their budget for advertising, travel, dining, legal (and other professional services), and even office supplies. So how can these be? In many cases is it because technology was not included in the business plan.

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