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March 2009 - Technology is an essential tool for your Small Business and staying current is extremely difficult. Let us help you.


Helping your business keep up with technology in the news and other articles you may find helpful:

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Jefric Consulting wants to help you with the technology needs  of, and solutions for your Small Business.  By working with you to understand your business and your requirements, we can help identify opportunities to use technology in ways you may not have thought of.   Technology that is designed and deployed effectively can help you grow your business, improve efficiency and help give you a competitive edge.  A successful business and technology partnership can help you accomplish things that you may not have thought possible.


Whether you are just starting out, having existing office technology or are thinking of expanding, we can help you sort through the options and discuss the possibilities that apply to your situation.  We want to help you get the most from technology and develop and competitive edge.  For more information visit our web site at:, or give us a call.


Make sure technology is part of your team!


Alan M Buckwalter

Microsoft Small Business Specialist

Jefric Consulting, LLC




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